Velvetier By Tru Stori

Hair & Beard Moisturizing Oil

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All Natural Handmade 2- in-1 Hair and Beard oil is a highly Moisturizing and Hydrating oil. It helps keep your hair healthy as it grows, but it also hydrates your skin and scalp. Infused with Essential oils, it helps reduce itching, flakes and inflammation. Leaving your Hair and Beard transformation healthier than before. 

 All of Velvetier's Hair and Beard Oil are made with Argan, Avocado, Golden Jojoba, VitaminE, and Castor Oils as the main Carrier Oils. 


There are 5 scents to choose from:

  • Pharoah (Sandalwood scent with a hint of Vanilla)
  • Intimate (Hint of Amber and Frankincense and Myrr)
  • Tea Tree Of Lyfe (Tea Tree with a hint of Vanilla Lavender)
  • Black Satin (Sweet Floral Lavender, Ylang Ylang with undertone Tropical Scent of coconut and Lime)
  • Mercy ( Vanilla sandalwood Core with splash of Eucalyptus)